M2 Strategies is a facilitating company based in Vancouver, Canada. M2 connects parties in a number of sectors and M2 has media, political, investment and brand strategies in its skillset and is looking forward to connecting parties in Scotland to Canada and vice versa. Principal James Macdonald was born in Vancouver, but his sisters and parents were born in Scotland. He has a strong bond to Scotland, knows the country well, and is extremely knowledgeable about Scottish cultural and business matters. His expertise in areas of Canadian commerce, and his contacts in Canadian business circles, will be most valuable however to Scottish businesses which are interested in making connections in Canada generally and Western Canada in particular.

ICIPIA LIMITED. ICIPIA is based in Glasgow, Scotland and was founded by Gavin McCutcheon. The company name is an acronym for “Intellectual Capital Intellectual Property Intellectual Assets”. What does ICIPIA do? In a nutshell, we provide the kind of intangible asset support to small and medium sized businesses that the big, global companies take for granted.  The primary value creators in modern business are knowledge based, such as intellectual property (IP) and their associated intellectual assets (IA), not forgetting the human capital residing in the workforce. They require careful, strategic management based on solid information. We provide that information. Our in-house specialisms cover technology, life-sciences, pharma as well as the arts & culture, both in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Our services include Diligence, contract management, IP & IA analytics, IP & IA strategy development, R&D management (including innovation harvesting), IP & IA valuation, commercialisation and licensing (including licence negotiation). We also provide mediation  and dispute resolution support for those unfortunate times when things go wrong and training/ mentoring to help ensure they won’t.

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